Private Cloud 14
Nov. 13 Event Now On-Demand: Managing and Securing Your Private Cloud
October 15, 2013

Now Available On-Demand!

Web Seminar:
Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 at 12:00pm Eastern Time.

For businesses serious about reducing technology costs, there is no technology bigger, more disruptive, and more valuable than the Cloud. Cloud architecture enables companies to centralize and virtualize hardware, applications and services, and provides significant improvements in efficiency, cost, and accessibility. While businesses are obviously very interested in capturing these benefits, many are hesitant to migrate to a Public Cloud, where much of the control is passed to the Service Provider.

Private Clouds enable companies to take full advantage of the latest techniques, practices and processes that Cloud has to offer, but without the perceived risk often associated with Public Clouds. With a Private Cloud, management and security remain the responsibility of the company’s IT department.

During this session, you’ll learn how to apply the best principles of Public Cloud to your Private Cloud environment. The session will focus on using best practices and the best industry solutions to deliver an efficient and protected environment that serves the needs of business workers, as well as the requirements of the business, as a whole.

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