Cloud Computing FAQ Technical Guide
Windows IT Pro
September 16, 2013

Cloud computing is different from virtualization. It has far more benefits—like agility, flexibility, scalability, and self-service usability, along with lower costs. And “the cloud” is not just one thing. There are public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, including cost and level of control. Tools exist to help organizations determine which type of cloud is best for their situation and needs.

In this Technical Guide from Michael Otey and Rod Trent you will learn:

  • The differences between virtualization and cloud computing.
  • The advantages of each type of cloud (public, private, and hybrid).
  • Tools that exist to help companies determine the best cloud option for them.
  • Key steps in building a private cloud.
  • In building a private cloud, why VMM 2012 is a critical tool.

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