HP ProLiant Gen8’s Intelligent Provisioning
May 15, 2013

The HP ProLiant Gen8 family of servers now comes with HP’s built-in Intelligent Provisioning feature to help you get your ProLiant Gen 8 server up and running fast. Intelligent Provisioning is a part of HP’s iLO Management engine. The feature enables you to configure your server hardware, install the OS, and perform system maintenance. Intelligent Provisioning eliminates 45 percent of your server installation and setup steps, so you can deploy servers up to 3 times faster. Intelligent Provisioning is basically a custom embedded OS that you can access when the system performs its Power On Self-Test (POST).

Intelligent Provisioning replaces the older SmartStart feature. SmartStart provided software on a DVD that you needed to install to help you set up your server. Intelligent Provisioning moves all this software to an embedded flash chip on the ProLiant motherboard, so there’s no need to install any additional programs after the physical server deployment. Instead, you can run the preloaded Intelligent Provisioning software on the flash chip by pressing F10 during the server’s POST process. The server will then boot up into the Intelligent Provisioning software. A graphical menu, which the following figure shows, enables you to easily view and select the different Intelligent Provisioning options.

Intelligent Provisioning includes all the configuration utilities that were previously in SmartStart. Intelligent Provisioning can do the following:

    •  Update the server over the Internet by connecting to
    • Perform firmware updates
    • Perform iLO configuration
    • Help you to install Windows, Linux, or VMware
    • Configure SmartArray settings
    • Access Active Health System logs
    • Run Insight Diagnostics
    • Register the server for HP Remote Support

You can perform the system setup locally or remotely using iLO. Intelligent Provisioning offers three types of installation options. The Recommended Install provides a streamlined, one-click, express installation process. The Customized Install option provides a wizard-based interview installation experience that guides you through network setup; remote support registration; systems software, driver, and firmware update; server hardware configuration; RAID configuration; and OS installation. In addition, the Manual Install process automates the installation of the system drivers. You can learn more about using HP Intelligent Provisioning for installing the OS at Intelligent Provisioning OS Installation for HP ProLiant Gen 8 & iLO.

Intelligent Provisioning provides everything you need for a fast and painless system setup experience for your HP ProLiant Gen 8 servers. There is no need to for any additional media or external program installations. Everything you need to get the server up and running is built right into the flash chip that’s on the system board.

Intelligent Provisioning enables you to roll out your private cloud faster by streamlining the setup of your infrastructure servers. In addition, its diagnostic and remote support capabilities help you to meet your organization’s SLAs and maximize the availability of your private cloud infrastructure.