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Microsoft Virtual Academy: Operations Manager in System Center 2012 SP1
September 6, 2013

In this video, Daniele Muscetta, program manager for the System Center 2012 team, highlights a number of the key aspects of Operations Manager in System Center 2012 Service Pack 1.

Among the key aspects of Service Center 2012 is improved infrastructure, which allows for more scalable, cost-efficient processes for managing and monitoring a greater number of devices and services. Service Center 2012 also features improved application insight and communication, permitting a more in-depth view of how applications are performing and better access to data for authorized personnel within a company.

The video also highlights key investments of Service Pack 1, including Global Service Monitor, an attached service that connects Operations Manager to the cloud, and upgraded communication tools designed to accommodate 360 Dashboards and DevOps scenarios.

The video then dives into greater detail. Muscetta highlights a number of the specific functions and features inherent to Service Pack 1, including which servers it supports, how users can leverage its network monitoring capabilities to monitor hundreds of new network devices, its advanced storage monitoring abilities, and its new cloud-based application insight and DevOps monitoring and management offerings.

Finally, Muscetta provides a detailed demonstration of how you can use these tools to achieve high-level application performance monitoring when it comes to 360 Health and DevOps. Muscetta takes you through the process screen by screen, explaining what he's doing every step along the way.

For more information, viewers are encouraged to visit the TechNet Evaluation Center to download a trial version of these tools. Additionally, viewers may want to visit IT Camps to acquire greater technical training on System Center 2012 and other Microsoft products.