Windows Server 2012 Built-In Private Cloud Support
March 5, 2013

When an organization has made the decision to embrace the private cloud, the next step is determining how to do so. How can the firm best implement the private cloud to ensure maximum benefits while minimizing deployment time, costs, and security concerns?

Although many elements must be weighed when determining the best course for deploying the private cloud, one of the most significant is the equipment used. IT departments must consider which type of server will best meet the organization's various private cloud goals and needs.

One of the most powerful server options available is Windows Server 2012.

Windows Server 2012
Critically, Windows Server 2012 has built-in private cloud support and services. This makes the establishment of a private cloud easy and fast, allowing the organization to take advantage of the private cloud's benefits in as little time as possible.

Yet that is simply the tip of the iceberg. Windows Server 2012 has many industry-leading features. Used by major enterprises and small businesses around the world, Windows Server 2012 has numerous enhancements and new innovations to improve the private cloud experience for organizations.

Key features
Windows IT Pro’s industry expert Sean Deuby, when asked to discuss the top 3 key features of the Windows Server 2012, notes that he can’t limit himself to fewer than 10.

These features varied significantly, affecting virtually every aspect of the private cloud. For example, Deuby notes that Windows Server 2012 features Dynamic Access Control. This, he explains, gives IT personnel a greater degree of control over file server data, largely thanks to support of claims in Active Directory (AD).

Deuby also noted that Windows Server 2012 features immediately available dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP). This, according to TechTarget, is a communications protocol that grants network administrators the ability to manage IP addresses. Combined with improved IP address management (IPAM)--another key feature highlighted by Deuby--Windows Server 2012's DHCP can significantly improve security and efficiency on an organization's cloud network.

One further key feature of Windows Server 2012, according to Deuby, is the storage space offered. He explains that Windows Server 2012 features storage virtualization, allowing users to utilize a range of low-cost disks in flexible storage pools, proving numerous advantages for server components.

Considering all of these features, it's easy to understand why Windows Server 2012 has established itself as one of the most popular options for private cloud deployments.