Smart Data Management with Private Cloud
Smart Data Management with Private Cloud
October 25, 2013

Now Available On-Demand

Join Michael Otey and Rod Trent on Oct. 30 for a online event that will help you unleash the power of your business data. Otey and Trent will discuss smart data management through a well-planned private cloud infrastructure and optimized tools to keep your mission-critical databases running smoothly.

Sessions will include:

Moving SQL Server into the Private Cloud – Just running SQL Server in a virtual machine doesn’t make it part of the private cloud.  In this session you’ll learn how to move your SQL Server instances into the private cloud. You’ll see how to create SQL Server profiles using Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 and then see how to use those profiles to create Service Template for your mission-critical database applications.

Database Server Consolidation – One common myth is that database server shouldn’t be run together on the same virtual server. However, today’s high performance virtual servers enable you to combine resource intensive workloads together. With planning you can attempt a DIY dataqbase server consolidation or you can leverage Reference Architectures and/or Appliances that have been designed exclusively for these I/O intensive workloads. Technologies covered: HP’s Database Consolidation appliance and Private Cloud Reference architectures.

Big Data for SQL Server Pros – This session would introduction the concepts of Big Data to a SQL Server audience and explain how Big Data is different from relational or data warehousing technologies. It would also cover your options for implementing a Big Data environment on-premise or in the cloud. Finally, It would explain how to connect SQL Server to Big Data implementations. Technologies covered: Windows Server Hyper-V, the HP Virtual Smart Bundles for Hyper-V and the HP Departmental Private Cloud Reference Architecture

You'll find more information about the event at Smart Data Management with Private Cloud.