Reduce Data Center Costs with the Private Cloud
John Savill
September 12, 2013

Q. I need to reduce data center costs. Can using a private cloud make a difference?

A. The private cloud can bring numerous benefits to an organization: enhanced agility, focus on applications, and cost savings. Many benefits are achieved through key features of the private cloud:

  • Pooling of resources
  • Elasticity and scalability
  • Chargeback and showback
  • Self-service
  • Abstraction of fabric

In addition, automation is a huge element of the private cloud. The pooling of resources and automation can bring more than cost savings to a data center. Resource pooling can also enable faster provisioning of new services, enabling new sources of revenue to help the business make money faster.

Consider an environment that uses virtualization alone. Such an environment has many discrete islands of resources, many sets of servers, and many storage silos. Each island has its own spare resources and, therefore, a great deal of wasted resources. When all resources are pooled together using the private cloud, you see a huge reduction in the amount of wasted resources. The entire capacity and capability of the data center is seen through a single view, ensuring that as new services are provisioned, the combined capacity of all resources is used efficiently.

This pooling of resources also helps when workloads have varying resource requirements. In a normal siloed environment, each silo must have the resources to process the workloads’ peak needs. But when resources are pooled, a workload can receive more resources from anywhere within the pooled environment. And those resources can be returned when no longer needed, to be used by other workloads. This approach reduces the total amount of resources required.

The automation of processes leads not only to cost savings by reducing manual effort. Automation can reduce process time for tasks such as provisioning new environments from days or even weeks to mere minutes. For businesses that are attempting to enable new services to generate revenue, this is a big benefit.