Discover how to Simplify Your Data Center
Private Cloud Investigator
December 10, 2013

Most of the US is still in a deep freeze, but things are heating up in Barcelona, Spain as HP Discover get underway. This week, we'll be covering some of the most exciting sessions and buzz from the show for private cloud environments.

Don Wilson, of the Microsoft Product Management team, recently pointed out on the HP Converged Infrastructure blog:

"Many IT managers face a … challenge and opportunity as they look for ways to effectively deal with data center sprawl and the need to consolidate. Organizations, small and large, are faced with this growing challenge of infrastructure sprawl and application proliferation. In the past, IT managers designed infrastructure so servers and storage were dedicated to each workload to ensure that adequate performance and capacity were delivered. However, as more workloads are introduced into the environment, those single-application, dedicated infrastructure requirements continue to pile up. This is not a sustainable model for your garage, err data center, and becomes not only expensive to operate but extremely inefficient and difficult to manage. This leaves two choices. You can keep expanding your garage or you can embrace the HP Converged Infrastructure approach for managing and simplifying your IT infrastructure. But this is about more than just server or infrastructure consolidation, it’s now about consolidating and simplifying how data is managed and stored. The amount of data your environment has to manage and store is growing exponentially. What may be required in your data center likely goes beyond just server consolidation. It’s about doing some aggressive IT housecleaning and consolidating the databases you have scattered across your current environment.

Want more information? On December 9, 2013, 10:00 a.m., at the HP Discover event in Barcelona, HP will feature an informative session: TB2351-How to address SQL Server consolidation with workload-optimized HP Converged System platforms for virtualization, which will provide guidance and best practices for IT decision makers and solution architects focused on building a next generation SQL Server platform. You’ll learn how a new HP solution helps tackle short-term consolidation projects while also providing the foundation for a high performance platform for rapid SQL Server provisioning. There will be a number of opportunities to talk with HP experts around this solution as well as opportunities for interaction at the HP Guru Bars."

If you're at the show, check out this session and take a look at our recent posts for a list of others from HP and Microsoft on their joint private cloud solutions.