HP’s Center of Excellence for Windows Infrastructure
May 5, 2013

One of the most significant movements in IT today is the emergence of the private cloud. The private cloud provides an answer to many of the demands that are placed on IT. The private cloud promises to provide self-service, elastic computing with chargeback capability, while letting you keep the control and security of your data on-premise and simultaneously leveraging your existing IT infrastructure. However, transforming your existing infrastructure into the private cloud can be a complex undertaking.

The primary issue is that the private cloud isn’t the same thing as virtualization—a distinction that takes many companies by surprise. Most organizations today are familiar and comfortable with virtualization. The private cloud builds on the technical foundation that virtualization provides but also incorporates runtime policies and operations automation that go far beyond simple server virtualization.

HP’s Center of Excellence for Windows Infrastructure can help you make the most of your existing IT infrastructure and simplify the move to the private cloud. The Center of Excellence (COE) consists of 48,000 trained IT professionals; 12,000 certified consultants; and 2,700 virtualization and management experts. The goals of the COE are to combine the strength of HP Converged Infrastructure and Technology Consulting with Microsoft private cloud solutions, to help you maximize the value of your HP investments and accelerate your ability to transform your infrastructure into the private cloud.

The COE offers numerous areas of expertise, including the following:

  • Data center transformation
  • Microsoft private cloud
  • Data center system integration
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Application migration
  • Business information
  • Enterprise data warehousing

Professionals from the COE can help you move toward the private cloud by providing several essential functions. They can help you to create service definitions and to implement best practices in your private cloud architecture. They can also help to provide proof-of-concept and presales support.

The COE works with businesses of all sizes. For small-to-midsized business (SMBs) with 50 to 250 employees, a new department private cloud reference architecture (based on the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track 3.0 implementation) is optimized for delivery through channel partners. At the other end of the spectrum, the COE can help you to deploy enterprise solutions such as HP VirtualSystem for Microsoft, which can host thousands of virtual machines (VMs). COE solutions are based on Windows Server 2012 and are managed via Microsoft System Center.

The HP and Microsoft partnership, in conjunction with the COE, is designed to help you deliver private cloud resources to your organization more quickly and with less risk. Using the COE, customers can rely on HP and Microsoft to conduct time-consuming and potentially error-prone up-front design tasks. Such tasks are needed to ensure that your private cloud solutions work correctly for your business, right out of the box. The COE has end-to-end offerings that can help businesses through all the phases of implementing the private cloud, beginning with guidance and education, progressing though quality assurance and specialized presales support, and finishing up with on-site system integration and implementation services.