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HP/Microsoft Partnership Wins Swiss Datacenter
Rod Trent
August 30, 2013

Netrics Hosting, a Swiss firm, recently sought to enhance their service offerings and include infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as part of their business. Several primary factors were crucial to their requirements:

  • Total security compliance, according to Swiss law
  • Speed of provisioning
  • Enhanced server utilization
  • Central management

Swiss data security law is unique in that it doesn't restrict where data can be stored. Rather it requires that an organization knows where the data is located and can identify who has access to it. Because of data export laws, some countries actually prohibit data being stored abroad.

Netrics worked with HP and Microsoft to develop a solution that met every requirement. Here's an overview of the details of how the HP and Microsoft partnership was able to supply these demands:

  • Using HP CloudSystem with Microsoft System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012, Netrics is now able to provision servers in 20 minutes instead of the six hours it needed before.
  • Previous to the solution, servers were underutilized, running at around 50 percent of environment capacity. After the solution, server resources are now pooled, and resources are dynamically allocated, ensuring that servers run at around 80 percent capacity.
  • Based on the improved server performance, dynamic resource allocation, and Windows Server 2012, Netrics can now charge customers for only what they use. “We pool all the resources together in HP CloudSystem so we can dynamically allocate resources to each customer,” says Franco Rizzo, head of system engineering, Netrics.
  • System Center 2012, in combination with HP Command View EVA, ensures centralized management using a single, uniform console. This allows Netrics to expand the business without needing to add staff.

The project also involved HP BladeSystem, ProLiant, and StoreVirtual products. For more details, you can download the project case study from the Netrics website. For more information about the Microsoft and HP solutions that were used in the project, visit these sites (some of which are not in English):