Microsoft and HP
What are HP Smart Bundles for Microsoft Hyper-V?
Sean Deuby
November 14, 2013

Small businesses run into several challenges when considering virtualization to help grow their business. First, putting together a reliable and scalable virtualization platform isn't a casual technical exercise, and small business owners have much better things to do with their time. Second, the capital expense of an "al la carte" solution can seriously affect a small business's bottom line. Third, setting up a virtualization platform isn't trivial, even for experienced system administrators. Fourth, you must have a solid management solution in place because your business demands it. These challenges combine to make "going virtual" for small businesses very tough indeed.

The HP Smart Bundles for Microsoft Hyper-V are specifically designed to help small businesses get started with virtualization. The Smart Bundles are highly integrated combinations of HP hardware and management software, and Microsoft operating system and virtualization software. These solutions are predefined and validated by HP, but they come in several different configurations to allow you to choose a solution that meets your specific application and capacity needs. The Essential Tower Smart Bundle is designed to consolidate several physical servers into one Hyper-V host server as virtual machines (VMs). The Essential Rack HA Smart Bundle adds high availability in a rack-mount configuration. And the Scalable Rack HA Smart Bundle adds HP StoreVirtual VSA to provide shared storage for further high availability flexibility.

Though there are three Smart Bundle configurations, they share several important assets. All the Smart Bundles use HP ProLiant servers, storage, and switches tuned to the needs of each configuration. They also all use Microsoft Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V, the same robust operating system and virtualization platform used in Microsoft's own data centers worldwide. Finally, each solution uses HP Insight Control to manage the ProLiant infrastructure, including server deployment, monitoring, control, and power management.

In the next few posts, we'll look more deeply into each Smart Bundle for Microsoft Hyper-V.