Cloud Adoption Spreading Worldwide
HP CloudSystem Matrix
November 4, 2013

The HP CloudSystem Matrix infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution for private and hybrid cloud deployments is an integrated hardware, software, and services solution that your organization can use to do the following:

  • Quickly provision infrastructure and applications for physical and virtual environments
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) through built-in infrastructure lifecycle management
  • Integrate heterogeneous environments into your IaaS infrastructure

HP CloudSystem Matrix OE

You can use an HP CloudSystem Matrix operating environment (OE) to integrate Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, HP infrastructure orchestration (IO), HP Operations Orchestration (OO), HP storage technology, and HP ProLiant servers, to generate a comprehensive cloud solution.

HP Cloud Maps

HP Cloud Maps—prepackaged application templates and customized catalogs of application services that are ready for push-button deployment—are available for a wide range of applications. HP Cloud Maps can be used to quickly automate cloud service deployments with HP CloudSystem and HP Cloud Service Automation. They can also be used to ensure a consistent and reliable implementation of infrastructure service catalogs. HP Cloud Maps use workflows that are authored by using the same subset of HP OO that the HP Matrix OE uses.

Auto Flexing

The HP CloudSystem Matrix auto flex feature enables the automation of server flexing (i.e., expansion or contraction) of virtual data-center compute layers. Cloud administrators can use this capability to provision immediately usable cloud infrastructures. HP Cloud Map for Microsoft Hyper-V cluster server auto flexing includes a sample template and associated HP OO workflows that illustrate the auto flex feature so that you can use CloudSystem Matrix OE to create a Hyper-V cluster.

You can import the template and workflows into a target CloudSystem Matrix. You can customize specific areas of the template to successfully import it into the HP Matrix OE IO designer interface. You can also modify the OO workflows so that they operate correctly within your environment.

We’ll look at these products and features more closely in future posts.