Barcelona HP Discover 2013 Microsoft Sponsor Content Sessions
“Your Cloud, Your Way” at HP Discover
Private Cloud Investigator
December 6, 2013

Want to learn about a private cloud solution crafted by HP and Microsoft? HP Discover Barcelona is the place to be next week. As Windows IT Pro's Rod Trent recently noted in HP Discover Insider:

“Microsoft and HP have partnered to provide a best-of-breed solution for helping organizations develop a private cloud within their datacenter. The value of the partnership takes a lot of the research and planning out of the equation. Microsoft provides the cloud-optimized Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 solutions to design, provision, and monitor the private cloud, while HP provides the hardware, integration functions, and support.

You can see the solutions in action and get your questions answered at the HP Discover breakout session: ‘Your cloud, your way with HP and Microsoft.’ Microsoft and HP will talk about how their partnership allows organizations to develop Private Cloud solutions based on the actual needs of the business. For those companies still trying to figure out how the Cloud can improve overall operations, or what can be altered within the current datacenter to take advantage of the Cloud, this session will provide comprehensive information for formulating detailed plans.”

The session that Trent mentions is included in the following schedule, which shows Microsoft Sponsor Content Sessions during the event.

Barcelona HP Discover 2013 Microsoft Sponsor Content Sessions